Securing ShypSafe

All ShypSafe models come with a security loop attached to the back surface.

We offer two packages for attaching ShypSafe securely to you home.


If you have a concrete porch or driveway that you want to secure ShypSafe to we offer a kit including a masonry drill bit and Tapcon screw.  If you order this option at the time of purchase we will not install the legs on the bottom of your ShypSafe model so that it can sit flat on the surface and you can securely attach ShypSafe to your concrete.


Anchor Kit

If you would like to secure your ShypSafe using the security loop on the back we offer a kit that includes a security rope, a keyed lock, and a cable anchor.  You can use this kit to secure your ShypSafe to either a railing or to the ground by using the cable anchor.