USPS Delivery Instructions

Delivery Instructions

When receiving your packages through USPS you have two options.

Both ShypSafe Cube and ShypSafe Padlock come with integrated apps that let you set user codes.

When you place your order, in the delivery instructions simply leave instructions to place the package in your ShypSafe along with the delivery code.

Another option is to sign up for the free Informed Delivery Service from USPS (see more here).

With Informed Delivery, you get an email every day notifying you of all mail that is set to be delivered that day plus any packages that have been shipped to you.  Even if you did not have a chance to put delivery instructions in when you ordered the package you will have the opportunity to add delivery instructions at this point.


A family member subscribes to Stitch Fix where they receive a box of clothes on a regular basis. When Stitch Fix sent a recent box, it showed up in the USPS Informed Delivery daily email update.  From the USPS Informed Delivery App, I was able to add delivery instructions to leave it on my porch in ShypSafe Cube. I provided the delivery instructions including a code I created for USPS only, and when we got home the next day the Stitch Fix box was waiting for us inside ShypSafe Cube.