ShypSafe Lock

Worried about package theft?  Want to be sure your on-line purchases are waiting for you when you return home?  ShypSafe is the answer.

What is ShypSafe?  It’s a sturdy, weather tight locked cabinet that can be placed at a location of your choice outside your home or business.  ShypSafe Lock is equipped with a smart Bluetooth padlock that allows for packages to be securely delivered from any delivery service.

Using ShypSafe Lock

The Bluetooth smart lock option also enables delivery services to access this lock via a touchpad on the lock.  When using Amazon, simply enter ShypSafe’s location and the lock access code into the “Your Address” information. The Amazon driver obtains the lock access code using their delivery app. The lock’s app will track when the lock has been opened and relocked.

Getting a delivery from someone other than Amazon? Simply put the lock access code and ShypSafe location into the delivery instructions on your online order.  The delivery service will place open ShypSafe, place your package inside, and then lock it afterwards.  You will get a notification from your app that the lock was opened and closed so you know your package is safe.

Securing your ShypSafe

ShypSafe is available with optional accessories to secure it in the selected location to your home. Contact us the more information on these optional systems.

What’s Included?

When you order ShypSafe Cube it comes with a sturdy weather tight cabinet as well as a Bluetooth smart lock that you can configure and use with your smart phone.

Right now, to help us launch ShypSafe Lock, we will also include delivery (in the greater Milwaukee area) as well as assistance setting up your lock and app.


ShypSafe Lock comes with optional accessories to secure the ShypSafe to your home.  Contact us for more information on options including security cables and concrete screws.”

24″ wide at the base, 16″ deep, and 20.5″ high.

2.9 cubic feet of interior space for packages.

Pricing & Ordering

Including the smart lock, you can order ShypSafe Lock for $249.

Order your ShypSafe Lock here.


Contact us at and we will get right back to you with any questions you may have about ShypSafe.